Follow Up With Your Clients

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Follow Up With Your ClientsWe all love it when we see an order from a client. Sometimes, we don’t even pay attention who that client is. Well, when was the last time they ordered from you? Was it a while ago? If so, why the sudden order?

These are interesting questions that you would know the answer to if you had a good relationship with your client. This can easily be accomplished or mimicked even by simply following up with them.

Think about how you feel when that one “friend” only calls you or comes around to ask you for something. They aren’t that friendly to you, are they? No! They can be quite annoying. So put yourself in your client’s shoes if the only time you contact them is to see about placing an order!

You can be a tremendous asset to your clients by going a tad bit above and beyond for them. In doing so, you build loyalty and trust. And that goes a long way in business. Your product can be more expensive than the competitors, but once your clients trust in the advice you give to them and see you are working with them; then competitors don’t stand a chance. Following up with your clients is another value added service they will appreciate.

  •  Contact your clients to verify they have received their order and that it’s going ok.
  • Follow up in three weeks to see if they have any questions.
  • Call and ask if they have heard about a new regulation in your industry and ask if it’s ok to email them an informative white paper you discovered on it.
  • Send them the recording of an informative webinar you hosted that they missed.
  • You remember they said they were traveling to Grand Rapids for a seminar. You’re in Muskegon; could you drive up for lunch or dinner? If not, you have a friend who lives there. Could they maybe meet up?


The above tips are great ways to let your clients know you are thinking about them and care about their business. I challenge you all to reach out in a non-sales manner and follow up with your clients.

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Taya Elery is a full-time copywriter, owner of a boutique consulting firm – Taya Elery Consulting, and professional blogger of the lifestyle blog -Independent, Smart, Diva. Here, she operate a full-service writing, editing, research, and administrative support venture. Taya works with businesses to provide SEO and copywriting services. She also provides Financial Aid / College Planning Consulting Services for families.

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