Is Social Media Really Worth It?

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In this day and age, most of our communication is done through Social Media platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Current technology even connects us to these platforms on our mobile phone, and so we are connected to them 24 hours a day, even on the go.

is social media worth it
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Social Media has become a huge case of TMI (Too Much Information!) all day, every day. On Facebook, we see statuses detailing personal feelings, fights with friends and spouses, and the occasional argument via the internet!

Should we be sharing such intimate details? On Twitter, it’s a constant stream of thought under a certain amount of characters. If you search the hash tag “relationships” here are some examples of TMI tweets:

“My decisions about #relationships are no longer based on emotions but logic. i love XXX but don’t need to be in a relationship with one”

“All I Know Is I am Tired Of Being Played & Hurt! But, I Am Going To Get The Right Guy Sometime In My Life! #Relationships”

“#Relationships nowadays = 1 Male, 1 Female, 1 XXX, 1 Ex trying to mess it up & one friend secretly hoping it ends.”

These are just at glance examples, but Twitter is a constant breeding ground for outlandish commentary. Instagram is the newest, and in some ways most alarming example.

  • Mostly-Nude women or men
  • Food that looks like an explosion
  • Cheesy quotations

All these and more can be found when exploring Instagram, it is a place for instant TMI overload.

Although some of us use these platforms to keep up with family, to express ourselves, or to promote our business or hobby; social media can be a bit draining. I believe when properly used, it can be useful. After all, social media does not mean “diary”. It is a place to be social, but not a place to air your dirty laundry.

If that lesson can be learned, and that rule respected, social media is a great tool to interact with family, friends, and fans alike.


Taya Elery is a full-time copywriter, owner of a boutique consulting firm – Taya Elery Consulting, and professional blogger of the lifestyle blog -Independent, Smart, Diva. Here, she operate a full-service writing, editing, research, and administrative support venture. Taya works with businesses to provide SEO and copywriting services. She also provides Financial Aid / College Planning Consulting Services for families.


  1. I agree. Some people share way to much on social media. I thin it is worth it but we need to know when to stop.

  2. I personally believe SOME social media is important and I personally like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. I hate Twitter and all other social media web sites honestly, they all just get far too confusing and honestly, they are all sort of the same thing! Vine? Ugh. And more social media sites are coming out every day, only to over-whelm us even more!

    • Yea, I’m on FB everyday for social and business purposes. I’ve recently gotten into Pinterest and fallen in LOVE with making boards for my dinner plans! Twitter, I don’t think I’ll ever get 100%! There are some fun things can that be shared on social media, but again, some things are reserved for just a phone conversation.

  3. You’re so right! People share photos of their babies that wouldn’t show to anyone on the street, and they don’t realize they’re there available for anyone to download them! Social media are worth it, but people should learn how to use them first.

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